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My name is Matthew Rushing. I am a leader in cybersecurity looking for the right company to buy and develop.


A decade of successful cybersecurity operations has earned me the reputation of a trusted and capable leader among my colleagues. I have spearheaded a variety of unique and complex projects that required me to negotiate for resources, build and lead teams of experts, design and implement long-term architecture, and deliver multimillion-dollar projects on time.


My experience guiding companies through attacks and preparing them for the inevitable interruption to business operations has given me the ability to navigate high-stress environments successfully and garnered me the support of choice investors.


I look forward to speaking with you about your company.



My father always had great entrepreneurial insight and I am sure he is part of the reason I am pursuing entrepreneurship through acquisition. Some of my fondest childhood memories involve sitting with my dad, folding origami cranes and talking about my goals. My first attempt at being a successful businessman involved the classic neighborhood lemonade stand. I was hooked after my first sale.


During my early career I focused on learning as much as I could. I quickly became the lead of global projects by consistently delivering value and building strong connections. My resulting success allowed me to develop into an international cybersecurity leader.​

The most recent challenge I faced in the corporate world went off without a hitch. I negotiated for the required resources and designed a sound foundation that allowed us to successfully deploy our security solution to data centers worldwide.


I was succeeding, but I wasn’t chasing my entrepreneurial dreams. Near the end of the project - when I was absolutely certain we could deliver on time - I realized that my next project needed to be about feeding my goal of being an entrepreneur.

I am excited to speak with you about how I can continue your company's legacy.



Corporate progression is linear and offers me limited opportunities for self-development or to pursue my passions. Instead, I am pursuing my childhood dream: a company I can own and lead myself.

I am a knowledgeable leader. At the helm of my own company, I’ll put my years of experience to work.


If you are retiring or have considered selling your business, please reach out to me for an informal chat. I am looking for a business with $5-20 million in sales.


I am interested in discussing your business and the legacy you want continued. Feel free to schedule a call or you can reach me at the following:



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